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HERBALIFE STORE – Health,Weight Loss,Fitness,Personal Care,Business Opportunity
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Herbalife Mission

Is to change people’s lives by providing the best business opportunity in direct selling and the best nutrition and weight-management products in the world.


For more than 36 years, our mission at Herbalife has been to change people lives by providing the best nutrition and weight-management products in the world and the best business opportunity for extra income. Herbalife is a premier nutrition company. We make nutrition products with protein, fiber and vitamins to complement a balanced diet and support a healthy, active life. Herbalife is unique because of the one-on-one coaching and support that Herbalife Independent Distributors provide to their customers. Herbalife customers receive much more than a product, they get steady support and a plan to meet or exceed their personal nutrition, weight-management and fitness goals. Our growth is driven by millions of consumers who use our protein shakes, snacks, energy and fitness drinks and personal care products. To meet the steadily growing demand for our products, we’ve built a network of company-owned manufacturing facilities around the world. We support the Herbalife Family Foundation (HFF) and its Casa Herbalife programs to help bring good nutrition to children in need. We also sponsor more than 190 world-class athletes, teams and events around the globe, including Cristiano Ronaldo, the LA Galaxy and champions in many other sports. The company has over 8,200 employees worldwide, and its shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: HLF) with net sales of $4.5 billion in 2015.


Change Your Life Today! Start Living the Life You Want! You’re your own boss with Herbalife. 1.9 million people have changed their lives with the Herbalife business opportunity — and you can too! If you’ve ever dream of a better life, Herbalife can show you how. Now’s the time to take charge of your future, earn extra income and help others improve their lives. Find Out How Not a Herbalife Member already? The Herbalife Corporate Office now requires that authorized distributors password protect any Herbalife products they have for Sale. Becoming a Herbalife member is ABSOLUTELY FREE… Become a Herbalife Member Setting up a Herbalife customer account is simple and you can shop right away if I have your email on record.


Quality Herbalife Products We take pride in all we do. Hear about all Herbalife does to insure the quality of our products, from seed to feed.


As an Herbalife Independent Distributor, you can earn money by: • Selling Herbalife products that you buy at a discount. • Sponsoring someone who either sells Herbalife products or purchases them at a discount for their own or household use. • You cannot earn money simply for recruiting or sponsoring someone. Distributor Refund Policy: If Distributorship is canceled for any reason, you may return all unopened products that were purchased in the previous 12 months for a full refund.


Teresa Cyr Phone: 919-215-2641 4530 Laurel Hills Rd Raleigh NC 27612 US

Lose Weight and Gain Energy in Just 3 Days Contact me to Start Your Trial Today

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Teresa is a great mentor and friend. She became my sponsor and taught me all I needed to know about how to succeed in this business. Her dedication and belief in her business is evident and such an inspiration to her team!!
Shawn Blair

Personal Wellness Coach